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About TinyOwl

If you are hungry, satisfaction is now just a tap away! From Dosa to Donut, Pasta to Paratha, the route from the restaurant to your tummy, is now through your phone on the TinyOwl app.
We are currently serving in Bangalore, Gurgaon, Hyderabad, Mumbai and Pune.

App Features
TinyOwl aims to enhance your meal experience with our carefully designed app. We pay great attention to detail and help you bypass the traditional food-ordering process.
Why use TinyOwl instead of calling up the restaurant?

Remember keeping a stack of menus on hand, having to press numbers on the dial pad, having to painstakingly specify what you want, being put on hold, and giving out your address with landmarks every single time? You have none of that with TinyOwl.

Can orders from multiple restaurants be combined together?

You can certainly order from more than one restaurant at a time, but it isn’t possible to combine the payments or sync their deliveries. Each restaurant’s order must be made and paid for separately. The delivery timings for each restaurant may also vary.

Does TinyOwl charge any extra fees? Are the menu rates inflated?

There are NO hidden fees, NO processing fees and NO transaction fees. You pay the exact amount, which is charged by the restaurant for your meal. You pay for what you get and TinyOwl is just intent on making the process easier for you!

What if the TinyOwl app doesn’t show any restaurants in a particular area?

Once you open the App and your location is detected, you may get a ‘Coming soon in your area’ notification. This means that we are currently in selected areas of your city only. We are working on getting all of your city under our ambit, so we will see you soon!

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